Wednesday, January 12, 2011

(this article is a re-write)

Strange as it may sound:
Scholars have a longstanding hatred against "white" people.

When children enter grade school,  they're already given a false sense of history.
At this age, they're not yet told that "White people are the bad guys".
However, Teachers DO begin teaching in Social Studies that,
"Ancient Europe lagged behind other civilizations".
And, this idea is openly supported by the establishment.

IT was often said that Old Europe was thousands of years behind other cultures.
Yet this claim has since been proven wrong.
Europeans entered the bronze age nearly twenty centuries before they were credited.
But, that's not really important.
Nor does it matter whether they possessed these technologies, or not.
In fact, the Liberal media already declared that it's wrong to judge cultures, based on technological advancement.   But, they make exception when such comparisons are stacked against us.
In other words;
They wouldn't mock the achievements of  "American Indians".  Rather instead, their culture is different but equal.
Anyhow;  Let's review those gross calculations against Europe.
Historians will gladly diminish our accomplishments.
Yet, while doing so; various Western civilizations were ignored in their studies.
---The Etruscans, Romans, Greeks, and Druids. Malta and Chauvet France. just to name a few.
But admittedly, all cultures are valid with or without advanced technology.
Yet, the fact still remains;  different rules apply depending on ethnicity.
Currently, Europe is demonized for causing wars & death.
Yet, the same bias approach applies, even when the topic changes.

Suppose, Western Civilization was being attacked by invaders.
 The Huns are a perfect example.
They attempted to destroy all of Europe.
Yet, the modern-day progressives actually find this quite "amusing".
Ghangis Khan attempted the same murderous feat;
And he too is recognized as a hero of sorts.
Soon thereafter, the Moors entered Europe from the west.
The spread of Islam nearly reached the Cathedrals of France.
And, continued stretching to the furthest East.
But this chapter in history has since been forgotten.
Yet, these cases are seen as proof that Europe lagged behind.
There's no other case when historians blame Victims, except here.
So, here's the bottom line: 
'Liberal' Historians taunt our culture, AND ONLY our culture.
They would never insult another group of people.

Either they place blame upon Europe for its vast accomplishments.
or, on the flip-side,
Historians measure Europe against supposedly more advanced cultures.
For example:  comparing literacy rated between Europe and 'more advanced 'civilizations'.
But, reading or writing fluently was not a necessity at that time.
And, Europe certainly had the written language.
Throughout history; nearly every civilization has committed vast crimes.
But, only one group takes all blame.

In fact, we are all to blame.
There were 1,000 civilizations since the beginning of recorded history;
and, all but perhaps a few remote arctic tribes were violent.

But suddenly; over the course of time, a new story emerges.
And, our Text Books blame Europe for all warfare.
Britain was the last of these great empires.
So, History ignores every crime that's ever taken place.
While using "The British Empire" as their big escape-goat.

Every civilization throughout history is guilty.
The new perpetrator comes from Northern Europe.
And, from this point onward, their people will take blame for all wrongdoing.

Modern day schools teach us that Europe is responsible for all the world's crimes.
It's believed that somehow, they were the only warriors since civilization began.
It's written in our text books.
And, the immigrant population uses it against us.
This has become the portrait of history.
Despite the 10,000 previous wars, prior to the European Conquests.
But the scholars continued to portray Britain as the only world's evil.

And now,
people everywhere are trying to settle into all the European Nations; and wherever Anglican settlers once appeared.
Yet all the while, those peoples are using a new weapon of propaganda.  The Media teaches us to sit quietly just because others claim there were past injustices.   What ever happened to the concept of defending oneself ?
  Why does the Media teach us to remain passive?
Is this just because we've been portrayed as the bad guys ???
So, are we supposed to sit by and do nothing?
If someone claims that it's 'pay back' time, Then expect us to defend ourselves.
And, speaking of crimes of the past;
Why should all else be ignored?

American Indian cultures consistently waged warfare against one another.

And, no civilization committed worse atrocities than Teotihuacan,where the Aztecs reigned.

And, Most nations have indigenous peoples who constitute a minority.  (even though, History Books never mention this). 

And, never mind the truth about all civilizations.

The Inca conquered neighboring tribes in the same manner as future Europeans.  Their empire began in a small temple of Cuzco.  And quickly expanded into surrounding territories, despite remaining within the confines of one continent.
Similar methods of Conquest were practiced around the world. Although many to a lesser degree.
Historians continuously attack Europeans, yet they criticize NO ONE ELSE.

Nothing is said about the practice of slavery in Central Africa which persisted into the 20th century.

Nor is a word mentioned about indigenous peoples throughout America who actively killed children just for misbehaving.

Rather instead;  Caucasians are blamed for everything.
And now, people everywhere are settling into Northern Europe while using payback as their justification.
But, who on earth is responsible for this persisting myth which promotes harm against European people.
Just pick-up a newspaper, and you'll find the answer.
You're reading it, each and every day. It surrounds the backdrop.
In other words:   --Mainstream media is hugely to blame.     END

BOTTOM LINE:  It doesn't matter what the situation is.
Either way, Historians NEVER tell the story from Our perspective.    

(footnote: I had always planned to re-write this article.  The original one was poorly written.  But, the message was very true.   The Media is hugely behind this conspiracy.  They're the ones who teach White people that they should simply lay-down-and-die.   It's Fucking Ridiculous.    So, you should definitely be aware of the HUGE ROLE played by media. 

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